Financial analysis

In just a few minutes you can get a thorough and accurate assessment of the current financial state of your company in order to make correct decisions to improve your business. It is based on International Financial Reporting Standards.

Financial analysis of the company is characterized by a system of indicators, reflecting the state of capital in the process of its circulation and the company`s ability to finance its activities. The main goal of financial analysis is to identify a small set of key parameters. They give an objective and accurate picture of the financial condition of the organization, its profit and loss, changes in the structure of assets and liabilities and settlements with debtors and creditors. The goal of financial analysis is to assist in identifying the problems faced by the company. It also helps in solving a particular set of interrelated analytical problems.The analytical problem is how to define the objectives of financial analysis, taking into account organizational information, technical and methodological capacity for analysis.

Financial analysis includes:

Advantages of financial analysis:

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Capital investment analysis

Capital investment analysis is an on-line instrument for the evaluation of the efficiency of capital investment for a period of up to 10 years. It can be used for preparing a business plan and selecting the most attractive project to invest in.

Methods of evaluating investment projects are mainly based on a comparison of the effectiveness of investments in various projects. As an alternative to investing in the production, there are financial investments in other production businesses, putting money in a bank for interest or investing in securities. In financial analysis, implementation of an investment project can be represented as two interrelated processes: the process of investment in production facilities, and the process of earning income from the investment. They both have different timescales and to a large extent determine the efficiency of investment.

Analysis based on non-discounted and discounted methods (taking into account time value of money).

Capital investment analysis consists of:

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Analysis of financial investments

This is a service designed for comparative on-line analysis of leasing and bank lending purchases of fixed assets as well as the efficiency of investments in financial instruments like shares and bonds.

Financial investment is the active form of the effective use of temporarily available funds. Financial investment can take many forms:

During the analysis the financial investments amount and structure of investment in financial assets are studied, which determines the pace of its growth and profitability of investments in general and in certain financial instruments.

Efficiency analysis of leasing and bank lending allows clients to make decisions about the most profitable financial investments. Valuation of stocks and bonds determine their current value and profitability.

Analysis of financial investments consists of:

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Analysis of production

This relates to analysis designed for planning of the company`s activities on the basis of agreements with customers and suppliers and identifies prospects based on the demand for products, work and services.

The production and sales volume are interdependent parameters. When production capacities are limited and demand is not the volume of production gets higher priority. But as the market is saturated and more competitive production determines the volume of sales, the potential sales are the basis for the development of the production program. The company must produce only those goods to the extent that they can be sold. The pace of growth in production and sales, better quality directly affect the amount of the costs, profits and profitability, so the analysis of production is important for the enterprise.

The purpose of the analysis is to determine the most effective ways to increase the volume of production based on factor analysis.

Analysis of production consists of:

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Correlation analysis

This is designed for processing of statistical data and measuring the degree of relationship between variables and values. The relationship is measured by Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient.

Correlation analysis allows us to understand the dependence of two sets of data. For example, value of production and consumption, working experience of employees and productivity of their work, etc.

Correlation analysis consists of:

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